Discretional management

Gestión discrecional

Discretional management is the option we offer clients who want to forget about the day-to-day management of their investments.

Banco Crèdit Andorra (Panamá) offers clients a wide range of investment mandates for direct asset investment and investment mandates for third party funds with different investment profiles designed to adapt to each client's particular needs. 

Investment philosophy

With our investment mandates we are extremely disciplined in the way we manage investments so as to ensure maximum flexibility in complex markets. We follow a management approach that is based on profitable, sustainable investments and the search for short-term performance and long-term returns.
We use rigorous analytical and investment methods that ensure a prudent approach to advising our clients in connection with their investment decisions. Our goal is to preserve their capital and protect their wealth.
We make sure that the services we render our clients are consistent with their knowledge, experience and financial situation. We use appropriate evaluation and comparison methods that are consistent with the client's investment goals and the different financial instruments in their portfolio.

Types of management mandates

Given the broad range of client profiles and the spectrum of needs to be satisfied, we offer our clients investment mandates with direct investment in different assets or third party investment fund mandates.
In both cases, the object is to beat the indices of reference in the medium to long terms while minimising the risk of significant declines inherent to financial markets.

Risk profile

Risk profiles range from investors who simply want to preserve their wealth to those seeking to grow their capital by assuming the risks associated with the volatility of equity markets.
We have six different investor profiles (defensive, conservative, moderate, balanced, decisive and aggressive) to ensure that we can offer each one of our clients an investment space adapted to their particular needs. Emphasis is placed at all times on prudence in the assumption of risks

Specialized team

Grupo Crèdit Andorrà has a team of account managers and asset management experts who are continuously monitoring our clients' investments, analysing results and closely tracking risks. 

Result-based fee schedule

Aware of the fact that the performance of our clients' investments depends on how effective and efficient we are and the need to adapt to changing market situations, we charge a fixed fee and a variable feed based on investment performance. 

Monitoring reports

Our clients have access on a regular basis and upon request to up-to-date information about their portfolios and transactions. 


  • Adaptability of portfolios to different market outlooks and movements. 
  • Flexible management and strict risk control. 
  • Access to different investments and managers, like any large investor. 
  • Diversifying effect achieved by investing in a global portfolio.