Our Management model

We prioritise the preservation and protection of wealth

Our model is based on the investment in sustainable and profitable businesses.  Our model pursues short term stability and long term profitability. We prefer to forego higher yields rather than risk incurring losses. 

Tailored solutions

Every client presents a different set of criteria, which Banco Crèdit Andorrà (Panamá) examines individually in order to come up with specific solutions to meet each client’s goals. We leverage our independent and collective experience, coupled with Crèdit Andorrà Group’s additional resources as well as some of the leading financial resources in the industry.


The philosophy behind our management model is to make our investments more flexible in an environment where the market conditions are complex and ever-changing.

Our goal is to offer wealth management adapted to each client's risk management preferences using the most appropriate investment vehicles.

Global approach to wealth management

At Banco Crèdit Andorrà (Panamá) we deal with issues such as wealth and business transfer planning, taxation, current assets, financial assets and liabilities.

The goal of this global approach is to preserve our clients' long term wealth and this requires: 

  • Conducting a comprehensive analysis of each client's personal and financial position.
  • Drafting a fiscal optimisation plan and strategy to maximise the net yield from the investment.
  • Continuously monitoring our clients' investments.